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Conditions of service

Conditions of Service for Woodland & Natural burials

This is a Rules and Regulations guideline that is in all of our interests to take note of.


The “Client” shall mean any relative, agent, executor or other person associated with any deceased either interred, or commemorated in the park. A “visitor” shall mean any other person not associated with any deceased who may visit the park either on a personal basis or for the purpose of carrying out work. The “Company” shall mean Westall Park Ltd. The “Park” shall mean Westall Park Woodland Burial Ground. Interment shall mean any natural burial, or burial pouring or scattering of cremated remains. “Memorials” shall mean memorial trees, benches, plaques or any other forms of memoriam, which may be provided or approved by the company.


  1. All interments or memorials shall be subject to these conditions.
  1. The Company may vary these conditions from time to time in the wider interests of all Clients.
  1. Nothing shall be done by any Client or visitor, which contravenes any planning approval granted by the Local Authority.
  1. The Company shall be the final arbiter without appeal in the settlement of any dispute  between Clients and/or visitors.
  1. The Company will only accept reservations from private individuals and will not  accept reservations from any business or commercial organisation other than from recognised Funeral Directors acting on behalf of private individuals.
  1. The park will not favour any particular religion or creed above any other and will not  provide or reserve space for any sectarian group other than as may be found within the immediate family of any deceased person.
  1. Clients must accept that in the longer term any approved memorial tree may become  suppressed by more dominant species as the woodland canopy develops or becomes  overgrown as the woodland floor advances.
  1. Except as approved by the Company, Clients and visitors may not prune, trim, lop, stunt, fell, uproot, chemically treat or otherwise interfere with trees, shrubs or plants.

Clients or visitors may not undertake any excavations of the ground – except with approval and supervision by the Company. Plots MUST NOT be gardened and should be kept natural, allowing grass to re-seed naturally. The only general exception is that Clients may undertake light planting of bulbs on their own family related interment plots to a depth of no more than 6 inches. However, there must be NO planting on graves until they have settled (which usually takes about 3 months). The Company must undertake any deeper excavation including the planting of memorial trees.


We ask visitors to respect the wishes of the majority and abide by the following rules:

  • No fences/borders to be put around any plot. No wood chippings, no stones.
  • No masonry, woodwork, headstones, kerb-stones. Any privately supplied plaque must have permission and conform to specification of in house plaques.
  • No ornaments, statues, teddy bears, wind chimes, ribbons, pictures or shrines.
  • No plastic/fabric flowers.
  • Please note that we now no longer permit vases
  • Remove all paper or plastic wrappings from cut flowers.

It is important to understand the yearly cycle of seasons at Westall Park. During winter the grass is short. To maintain the impressive wild flower meadow the grass is allowed to grow long and re-seed during the summer. Although we accept that plaques are difficult to find during this period, it is a favourite time for visitors who love to wander around the mown pathways. The grass is cut in late August/September ready for the winter season.

Please let your friends and relatives know of these rules. If you would like more copies, then please do ask.

If you accept these terms and conditions, we will have permission to remove any items we deem as unacceptable.

Please click here to download a PDF copy which you should date and sign.

…the whole place looks so beautiful! I am just glad we found Westall Park in time. The beauty of the whole place buffers the sadness of the loss…

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