Guidelines for an eco-friendly burial at Westall Park

green burial


Westall Park will endeavour to accommodate any special requirements within the following practical guidelines, but in the interest of others we reserve the right of refusal if, in our sole judgement we deem any such requirement not to be in keeping with its surroundings or our ethos of eco-friendly burials.

It is appreciated that a few bereaved will wish to have an identifiable plot to visit with limited nurturing. In the longer term however it is assumed that care for the plots will revert to Westall Park be grassed over and allowed to return to a natural yearly cycle.

In keeping with the ecological principles of the park for eco-friendly burials, headstones (or other forms of monumental masonry) are not permitted. Oak plaques are permitted as plot markers and are available to be ordered through ourselves, an example of which can be viewed under our fees section. Only biodegradable coffins or caskets (wooden, natural products or cloth shroud) are permitted. Cremated remains may be interred loose or in a biodegradable casket.

To ensure identification and location of burial plots in the future, the site has been mapped out and all plots are measured in from accurately surveyed markers. This enables us to identify the precise location of plots, trees and benches. A copy of this map is viewable upon request.

As with any woodland species, some trees will flourish whilst others may be suppressed by more dominant species. To that end, Westall Park cannot guarantee the life span of any one particular tree.

Grassland and plot areas are cut once a year in late summer to promote the growth of wild flowers whilst paths are cut more frequently to allow visitors to walk freely. To permit free access for the mowing and strimming and to adhere to our rules and regulations no objects of any sort must be placed on any plot.

To help keep Westall Park in its natural state we ask all clients to read through and sign our conditions of service.

I would like to express the appreciation of me and my family for the sensitive arrangements made for my wife’s burial… it does mean a lot to the bereaved.

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