Natural burial at Westall ParkNatural burials (also known as “green burials”, “woodland burials” or “eco-friendly burials”) are becoming ever more popular.  In fact it seems that we in the UK are leading the world in natural burials with over 260 natural burial sites across the country.  Since the ’80s there has been a steady increase in the numbers of people opting for this as their preferred way to say their last goodbyes.  There are a number of simple reasons why it has become such an attractive option:

  1. Traditional burials typically involve burying a lot of toxic embalming fluids, metal and other non-environmentally friendly products.  Cremations also leave a significant environmental footprint.  Natural burials strive to ensure that you leave no negative impact on our environment, and in essence you are able to positively give back to nature rather than impact it negatively.
  2. A natural burial is a great way to reduce the burden on the family and friends you leave behind – there are no graves to tend, and the burial process is far simpler than a traditional casket and cemetery burial.  We let nature take care of everything.
  3. Burial costs tend to be lower than traditional funerals, further reducing the burden on the family left behind.
  4. Many people are attracted by the notion of a reconnecting with nature and a “return to the earth”.  Natural burials are just that – a natural and simple way of returning to the earth and returning to nature.
  5. Traditional cemeteries are typically sombre places to visit.  Natural burial grounds offer a beautiful and nature-filled place where friends and family can come and visit and remember loved ones in a wonderful environment.

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