During spring and summer months we let the grass grow naturally long and lush, along with plentiful beautiful wildflowers. We mow pathways around the Park so that you can still easily access plots.

To keep the Park in its natural state we would like to remind visitors that vases of any type are NOT allowed. It is preferred that wildflowers are planted to create a living memorial however, it is okay to place cut flowers on plots as long as any plastic wrapping is removed and they are laid on the ground. If you currently have a vase, could you please remove it.

We ask for you to not compost or garden plots in any way as this goes against the ethos of the park and can be upsetting to all who abide by and respect the concept of natural burial. We have a selection of wildflower seeds specifically chosen for the soil conditions here. These are available from the office upon request for anyone wishing to sow seeds on a loved ones plot here in the park. If there is anything you wish to plant yourselves we would kindly ask you to check with us first to make sure it is appropriate. Please do not strim or use weedkiller on plots, this is extremely damaging to wildflowers and wildlife alike.

You may have noticed some new plaques appearing around the park. We have re-designed our plaques and now offer a new sandstone effect acrylic plaque that sits flush with the ground. Not only will they last much longer than our old wooden plaques but they are less intrusive visually, less of a trip hazard and enable us to manage the park much more efficiently. For anyone who has a wooden plaque that is falling into disrepair we offer a renewal service to replace the old plaque for a new sandstone effect one for £50. We are removing plaques that are no longer fit for purpose, so if you visit and find one missing, please call in to the office or telephone us to discuss.

We are holding an open day on May 26th here at the Park. Please feel free to come along and to spread the word to your friends.

Many Thanks

Amy, Dan & Carl.

Tel – 01386 792806

E-mail – westallpark@gmail.com