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green burialAfter cremation, one of the big questions can often be what to do with the ashes.  While there are many different options, one that may be suitable is the use of cremation plots or ashes interment at a natural burial site.

What is natural burial ground?

A natural burial ground is an alternative to a traditional cemetery and is ideal for people who love wildlife and nature in life or who want an environmentally conscious option for their remains.  Natural burial grounds are usually woodland areas or meadows that have a strong emphasis on native species and a natural environment and also offer the option to have a burial there.

Natural burials are not consecrated but welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds.  While traditional stone grave markers aren’t used, some sites allow wood markers or commemorative plaques at the location.

Cremation plots

Cremation plots are suitable for the interment of ashes.  Natural burial grounds don’t allow scattering of ashes but instead offer small plots for the burial of the ashes.  We can also offer advice about a suitable biodegradable urn for the ashes as it is very important that everything within the site is natural and not harmful to the environment.

Cremation plots are smaller than graves and aren’t large enough for tree planting but there are other ways you can commemorate the person.  This includes plaques on benches around the site as well as ways to help nature such as bird nesting boxes or bat boxes that remember the person and help the local fauna.

  • Natural burial offers eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial
  • Small cremation plots allow the burial of ashes
  • Special biodegradable urns are required in keeping with the site
  • Commemorate the person with a plaque

…the whole place looks so beautiful! I am just glad we found Westall Park in time. The beauty of the whole place buffers the sadness of the loss…

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