News and information about natural and woodland burials

Why do People Really Want Woodland Burials?

Why do People Really Want Woodland Burials? One of the biggest changes in recent years to the approach to funerals is that more people than ever are considering a natural burial.  Examples such as woodland burials are proving more popular with people for a...

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Some Common Funeral Myths Tackled

Some Common Funeral Myths Tackled Funerals are a tough subject to deal with, whether it is your own you are seeking to arrange or on behalf of someone else.  One of the hardest parts of the funeral is the arranging of it and this is made more...

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Autumn Notice

The weather has been kind to us towards the end of summer so we have managed to cut the grass in the Park in record time. This has been part due to the help of our new groundsman Carl, who has quickly become one of the team. You will see him working in the Park over...

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Why choose a natural burial?

Natural burials (also known as "green burials", "woodland burials" or "eco-friendly burials") are becoming ever more popular.  In fact it seems that we in the UK are leading the world in natural burials with over 260 natural burial sites across the country.  Since the...

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…the whole place looks so beautiful! I am just glad we found Westall Park in time. The beauty of the whole place buffers the sadness of the loss…

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